Smoke​-​Free Class of 2000

by Smoke-Free Class of 2000

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Debut album by the Smoke-Free Class of 2000. Feature all the classic "hits" and additional bonus tracks. This is where the tingle starts! Originally released new years of 2000


released January 1, 2000

Mailo Arsac - Vocals on tracks 7, 8 and 10
Ben Beck - Vocals on tracks 1, 3, and 4
Dustin Wasserman - Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar etc.

All songs produced and recorded by Dustin Wasserman
Lyrics by Lowell Lefors and Dustin
Recorded in The Cave May 19, 1998 ~ Dec. 31, 1999

Mastered by Nathaniel Wong in 2014.

Special thanks to Yuko-kun for lending us the 4-track to bring these songs back to life and Nathan for mastering the pants of this one!

© 2000/2014 Recordings.




all rights reserved


Tingle Finger Recordings 東京都, Japan

Tingle Finger Recordings is an independent online record label founded by interstellar rock frontiersman, Dustin Wasserman.

Originating in Southern Oregon (USA), as a chronicler of obscure and forgotten rock music of the late 1990s, the label and its members look to continue spreading the Tingle, by delivering sounds of fun and excitement to listeners in various places.
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Track Name: Pac-Man
Bweto Bweto Bweto... (the sound Pac-Man makes)

He likes to eat pellets x 3
Watch out for the ghost

Bweto Bweto Bweto...

He likes to smoke pot
He packs it phat
He's got a dog
And a little meow cat

Bweto Bweto Bweto...

Watch out for that ghost!

Bweto Bweto Bweto...

Mrs. Pac-Man
Walkin' by
She sees Pac-Man
And she says "High"

Bweto Bweto Bweto...
Track Name: Winky
Winky x8

There is this guy
His name is Winky
He's got a big dick
It isn't a little dinky

Winky x8

He like to smoke pot
He packs it phat
He's got a dog
And a little meow cat

Winky x8

He went to the store
He saw a fine girl
He says you look
Like you want to shoot the curl

Winky x8

He likes to hang out
In the trees
He takes out his dick
And takes a pee

Winky (repeat)
Track Name: Smoke-Free Class of 2000
Smoke-Free Class of 2000 x4
Two smart to start, to cool to smoke x8
Track Name: Padedo
Padedo (repeat)
Play your cards right, live to talk about it
Track Name: Smoke Whistle
Smoke whistle, coming to town